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Taishan tractor parts

Taishan tractor parts

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We can supply all spare parts for Chinese tractors – Shantuo Taishan (TS series) tractors.

Part  NO. Parts name
295-01015 cylinder head gasket
295-01014 cylinder liner
295-01400 engine oil dipstik
  cylinder head (full)
295-03202 intake valve
295-03002 exhaust valve
295-03206 intake valve seat
295-03205 exhaust valve seat
295-03202 turbulence chamber insert
295-03203 valve guide
295-04005 piston pin
295-04010 rod bearing
295-05004A crank shaft
  water pump
  air filter
295-07140 primary filtar
  exhaust manifold
  engine oil pump
  engine oil filter (full)
  fuel filter (full)
295 nozzle
B12-4.0.0-01 cam shaft (injection pump)
B12-1.1.0-01 plunger (2100)
  fuel feed pump
  radiator (full)
295T-06016&295T-03023 SET
25.21.013 clutch disk
25.21.131-3 clutch shaft
25.21.231-3 joint coupling
25.21.101 bearing support
25.31.019 knuckle assy. (left)
25.31.014 knuckle assy. (right)
25.37.022 lever ball
  977907K (bearing)
  977907   (bearing)
25.47.137 safety
25.47.150 mark
25.48.040-2 light
25.48.038-2 light
25.50.012 tank cap
25.50.023-1 light
  hydraulic pump
  BEARING 776701
295-01024 Thrust ring(SET)
  rear direction indicator lamp
  strong light